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Transformation Mentor and Quantum Human Design™ Specialist.
I created the TAKE YOU TIME™-method, a system focusing on holistic wellbeing using Quantum Human Design™ to help career driven women eliminate the self-imposed stress, press pause and RESET so their mental health, physical health and relationships can flourish. I help you discover who you really are. 
It’s the key to a healthy, happy and wealthy life.
Let me be your Life CEO and let me take over for a while to guide you through your transformation in the area you want without the usual overwhelm. You have already proven you can do it all… now let me take over and do LESS.

Breathe… I am here for you.
Big heartfelt hug,

My Books

Walking to lose weight or get fit? That doesn’t work, does it? That’s what I’m going to do when I’m “old”… In this book Lies Helsloot, entrepreneur, influencer and health and walking coach, deals with all the preconceptions about walking.

Move yourself slim and happy. The follow-up book for the bestseller “Walk yourself slim & happy.” was released end of June 2022 in Dutch and gives you that extra bit of motivation and tips to make the active lifestyle and TAKE YOU TIME.

Lies Helsloot is the author of, “The Complete Guide to Healthy Hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair” available also in Dutch (Publisher Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, april 2017). 

Stop acting like someone that is not you.

Myrjam Jegers​@Peer, Belgium​
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“Joined her Facebook community, bought the book and followed the steps I her program. Lost 12 kg and my BMI went down from 28,5 to a healthy 24,3. Her motivational words inspire me every day. Thank you, Lies!”
Anonimousemployee of DPG Media​
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“Following one of her company workshops I not only lost 8 kg in just a couple of weeks, got off anti-depressants and painkillers for my back pain. Her method is the perfect match with my busy, corporate lifestyle. If she can do that with just one book and one workshop, what more can I achieve with her new book?!”​
Mick Boskamp​Journalist Mannenzaken, The Netherlands​
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“Truly my new Bible on my night stand! This has become my new lifestyle!”​
Leen PeetersClient Group Program
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I feel more energetic, less tired, lost 36 kilo (!), more zest for life. Lies knows how to touch my heart, it's not just about pounds but about liking yourself and feeling better. I didn't need a dietician, I needed what Lies articulates: living healthier and differently. I felt that Lies' approach was different, I really wanted to lose weight permanently and I partnered with Lies. With Lies you get the whole package: nutrition, walking, exercise and mindset, something often overlooked and an important element with emo-eaters. Lies listens, motivates and she takes your feelings into account. Lies believes in YOU, which is a relief compared to the negative spiral you have with dieting. Lies makes you learn to like yourself again, to discover the real you, which is also a requirement to feel good and lose weight.
Ann DepoortereFormer private client
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"Good morning, let me share with you what I took with me from day 2 of the training week. As you know, I have been immobile for a while now (wheelchair, crutches) (overuse of my good leg with bone edema in my hip). I want to be active again. That's why I try to listen to what the physical doctor recommends, hoping that this will enable me to cycle and walk again. But through the months of little exercise and nibbling away frustrations etc...I have gained some kg. Since few weeks I have the strength to work on that again ( healthy food, lots of I learned from you!) To be able to keep this up, I went to a dietician yesterday..but...I came back disappointed. Not on the same wavelength...And...after 10 min of listening yesterday, I had already learned a lot more from you than the full hour at dietitian. I realized that I couldn't control my weight because I was angry with my body, didn't like myself anymore... And you insist that this is soooo important. If I can do this, if I like myself again, I will automatically eat healthier, feel better and enjoy the small pleasures again... are not a nutrition coach, not an exercise coach but much more than that! Chapeau! And merci for what you teach us!" (Ann had a very bad accident and long rehab years ago. I admire her for her courage and resilience. An example to many who think it is 'too late' for them. It was an honor that she chose me to mentor her)
Ann De WittePharmacist and Private Client
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To me, Lies is really an amazing lady. A lady with a lot of knowledge, experience and perseverance. Her holistic approach gives a very satisfied feeling. She listens, motivates and advises in a very personal way. You quickly notice that she has a lot of experience in all areas related to healthy weight such as nutrition, exercise and especially the mindset of the individual. Just this complete approach sets her apart from so many in the healthy weight offerings. Update on An's journey: An lost 10 kg during her journey and is still at weight months after her journey and is now taking the steps to further weight loss! Proof that ladies who are making it in business and are extremely busy can follow my method perfectly with success!
Martine MaesClient Group Program and Private Coaching
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I am Martine Maes, 56 years young. In the past I have tried all kinds of things: fitness, Weight Watchers, yoga, running, protein diet.... Nothing helped! Since I am not at all athletic, I had to drag myself to the gym all the time. By chance I saw on Facebook Lies her method "Walk to your natural weight". 15000 steps during the day seemed doable. Immediately I enrolled in the group program and love it. Lies tackles the total picture: 15000 steps, nutrition, muscle strengthening exercises, mindset, pep talks... She explains things very well. And every week we have Zoom meetings with 'the ladies' that I always look forward to. I really believe in this method, since I've already lost more than 8 kg since February and that with nice and tasty vacations where I didn't gain a single gram thanks to Lies' tips! The great thing about Lies' method is that it doesn't feel like dieting at all, but like a way of life. Lies is a perfect coach who encourages you and explains things very well, so you really understand what is happening to your body.
Linda CourtoisClient Group Program & VIP Retreat
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After attending several workshops in Lies' "Walk to Your Natural Weight" group, I joined Lies' group program and have only continued to progress. Never thought I was going to be able to do this. I had been struggling with being overweight (obese) for years and thought this was a spiral I would never get out of, and there was Lies. She taught me a new way of life that is achievable for everyone. I haven't regretted stepping into this journey for a second. Not only is it doing something with my weight but it has also made me stronger mentally. In six months I am 15 kg lighter. My self-confidence has been boosted and I am again looking forward to all that life has to offer. Her infectious enthusiasm is something no one can ignore. She knows how to motivate you over and over again. I look forward to the consultation I have with her every time, that conversation is really so highly recommended and I progressed so much faster than I did on my own. The knowledge she passes on to us is enormous, I would like to list it all but that would take me a very long time. In short, she is a top madam who I am glad came my way. Not only am I more active by walking and hiking, I also live healthier because of the nutrition I have learned about and mentally I am much stronger in life. Thank you Lies!"
Cécile.D., St. Louis, USAPrivate Client
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Even on a weekend away with the family, with Lies' tips and motivation, I managed to keep off the kilos I usually gain without sacrificing enjoyment. My daily walks give me energy and I feel great! Without the support, tips and sweet but strict nudge from Lies I would never have succeeded.

Let me be your Life CEO. Breathe...


Embrace the real YOU,
a healthier & happier you, it's time...

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