Lies Helsloot’s biography as a health coach and influencer and motivational keynote speaker and two time published author starts in 1977…Lies was born in Belgium on 25 March 1977. Her star sign is Aries, making her vivacious and passionate about all her projects. The perfect explanation why she went from running a restaurant to being a health coach and influencer, to giving motivational speeches as a motivational keynote speaker, being a 2-time published author and the CEO of a Belgian hair brush brand.

Family life

Lies is the proud mother of a daughter, Gina. For several years she has been living in a living-together-apart family situation with her former husband in Waregem, Belgium. In 2018 she got officially divorced from her husband because it was time for the next step. Their attitude as an ex-couple is still that, even when a marriage ends, family life can still continue happily, with each member following his or her own life path while cherishing the bonds between mother, father and child, bonds that a piece of paper cannot break.


Lies loves walking in the countryside and appreciates every season.
She likes cooking with her daughter at the weekend and enjoys a glass of red wine or champagne in good company.

Lies is an avid walking addict and works out only 10 to 15 minutes a day using her smart, fast but very effective method to keep her body strong and healthy. She loves to travel and encounter new countries, foods, cultures and people combining this with her work as a motivational keynote speaker.

At Lies’ home, there are books in abundance, ranging from non-fiction on health, walking, weight loss, positive thinking, self help and business to relaxing novels to escape with at the end of a busy day. Binge watching “Gilmore Girls” or “Desperate Housewives” with her daughter is a favourite treat!

Childhood and education

Lies grew up in the countryside, exploring meadows, forests and brooks, developing a profound love and respect for the power of nature. At high school, she studied Latin-Modern Languages and was a passionate classical ballet dancer in her spare time. She was awarded with a medal from the Belgian government for her Summa Cum Laude graduation.

Lies was an active member of a youth nature movement (JNM), lead singer in a band, member of the youth city advisory council and an enthusiastic member of the school choir

Lies during a ballet performance


Lies graduated from the University of Ghent with a master’s degree in Political & Social Sciences, majoring in Public Administration.

She speaks Dutch, French, English and German. Her love for words and languages turned into writing books and blogging on her website and social media about a variety of topics.

Professional life & first steps as a health coach

Even though she already had a master’s degree, in 2003 Lies decided to pursue her passion for healthy cooking. She studied at catering college to obtain an official qualification and went on to become the owner of Avalon, a health food restaurant in the heart of the historic city of Ghent. Over the years she has attended a number of trainings on healthy cooking and orthomolecular nutrition. She has written food and health articles for various magazines and as a guest-author on blogs.

After selling the business in 2008, Lies gained international experience working for the City of Ghent. She participated in a variety of European projects (Civitas Elan, Fired-uP), travelling through Europe as a representative of her city council giving presentations and keynote speeches about various subjects.

Picture of Lies Helsloot in the kitchen, cutting and hollowing out a pumpkin

Delphin & Emerence

But once an entrepreneur… she left this amazing international job. Lies Helsloot is an entrepreneur and CEO of Delphin and Emerence.

With a backpack full of varying experiences and skills, Lies took another leap in starting a new business called “Delphin & Emerence” and becoming an author with her book “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair” (Het complete boek over haar. In 3 stappen naar gezond haar)
Lies is a Belgian entrepreneur and founder of the brand, “Delphin & Emerence” A high-end hairbrush collection,made in Belgium, to heal your hair. Unable to find a suitable brush on the market while solving her own hair problems and creating her 3-step plan to healthy hair, Lies created her own line of hair brushes. Discovering that her home country had a proud history of fine brush making, she approached the finest craftsmen, raised the funds to create the product line and Delphin & Emerence was born.

Health Coach

Lies loves helping people to reach a healthy lifestyle in order to go for their dreams brimful of energy. As a health coach she is coaching busy women following her proven methodology based on walking, taking more steps, mindset exercises, firming exercises and good, nutritious and healthy food. She regularly blogs on her blog TAKE YOU TIME.

Health Influencer & Motivational keynote speaker

As a health influencer she has gathered a large following on social media and is a regular guest on podcasts, TV-shows, radio, live sessions on Facebook and Instagram, magazines and is often invited as a motivational keynote speaker. She absolutely adores inspiring women as a motivational keynote speaker for organisations and companies in Belgium and abroad. To positively influence her audience she regularly posts and blogs valuable information on her social media channels. Lies is a member of and has led several mastermind groups of entrepreneurs from VOKA, the Belgian Chamber of Commerce and is also an active member of GoalFriends and was the first Belgian to host a GoalFriends-group in Belgium.

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