My Blog

I blog regularly about a variety of topics to inspire you to take more self-care and learn more about her method of TAKE YOU TIME. On my blog I talk about topics like:

  • my personal life
  • how to prevent burn-out and bore-out
  • supplementation and herbal remedies for more energy and a healthy body
  • healthy hair (after allI am also the founder of a high-end haircare brand and the author of “The complete guide to healthy hair”)
  • the importance of muscle training for overall wellbeing, a lean and strong body and getting rid of/preventing (lower) back pain
  • the products and small life hacks I use for myself and my clients on a daily basis for health, fitness, walking, food, skincare, haircare, mental wellness,…
  • the power of walking for weight loss and mental wellbeing
  • my concept for self-care: the TAKE YOU TIME method – a 360° approach to health and mental wellbeing

More information at  TAKEYOUTIME.COM

(available in English and Dutch)