Lies Helsloot

About me - Health Coach & Influencer

My name is Lies Helsloot and I call myself the world’s first, best and only TAKE YOU TIME™ expert. I believe that to thrive in health, business and life in general you have to take care of yourself FIRST.

Being a high achiever raising the bar high for myself, I learned the hard way to take self-care seriously as I burned my candle on both ends for way too long resulting in health problems, entrepreneurial burnout and bore-out. It’s my mission to spread the word about self-care to help ambitious women like you to get out of the (self-created) rat race and perform at top level in all areas of your life. I push your PAUSE button and then press RESET.

Why am I the best?

  • Simply because I WAS you and I used to live your life. (Sorry, I know ALL the excuses)
  • Simply because I AM you as I run 2 businesses and am time constraint too. I walk the talk.
  • Simply because I take my work’s and life’s experience of over 20 years to guide you.
  • Simply because I know how to work with YOUR lifestyle.
  • Simply because I don’t sugarcoat things as I want to get you there FAST and EFFICIENT

I work with you on my method of TAKE YOU TIME™ which is a seven-pillar system that approaches your health and life in a 360° approach. Why? Because you are way more then “just” weight loss, “just” lack of energy, “just” high cholesterol, “just” vitamin deficiency, “just” those flabby arms or sagging behind, “just” in bad shape. Healing myself was a journey of 360° self-care, not about fixing just one thing. That is why I work with ALL of YOU because that is the only way I know I can get you the results you want… with lasting success. This is how I feel I can really help you.

I have the ability to transition your life from a life without self-care to a life full of it without compromising on results in business. No blabla, no fluff, no mambo-jambo, just a gentle but firm kick in the ass where my energy will light you up. Because that is what also lights me up: getting you from A to B faster than anybody else having fun on the way to that end goal: a happy and healthy version of YOU.

With my energetic, captivating, fun, vibrantly authentic personality I have the power to get people to take (imperfect) action to create a 360 degree healthy, happy and wealthy life that ticks all the boxes. That’s what I am best at: changing lives, changing health having you experience yourself that TAKE YOU TIME™ first WORKS.

Walk with me into a life where you finally come FIRST. This is what you will experience when working with me and it all starts with pressing PAUSE:

  1. You will go deep within yourself to find out why selfcare is always the last thing on your to do- list
  2. You will do a full body-scan to assess your nutrition, supplementation and herbal selfcare regime. Don’t worry if it is non existing or if you are afraid to share it because you know it is not “perfect”. I am here to help you change.
  3. Together we do a full body-scan to see how toned, strong and supple your (exhausted) body is performing some of my tried and proven exercises and what your overall physical condition is.
  4. Together we create your personal blueprint for your ideal, healthy life 360°, no less. Because you deserve a full life experience.

After that time away where we have a look at your life and health up till now, we start the journey to heal. That’s where together we press RESET.

Depending on your personal situation we create a plan that works for you, not that so-called “typical” client. My 7-pillar system TAKE YOU TIME is the foundation and your compass in the future. All pillars are equally important but the balance of them is different for everyone. So I will design your plan and I do that WITH you not FOR you as then and only then I know I can truly transform you so that after working with me, you don’t need me anymore. That is my wish for all my clients: one day I want you to call me and say: “Lies, I do not ‘need’ you anymore. I ‘got it’. Thank you for showing me the way and to let me walk and experience it myself. This way of living is so easy, it just flows naturally. I don’t even think about ‘having’ to diet, about ‘having’ to exercise, about ‘drinking more water’. I have truly changed and evolved from the inside out.”

That is my wish for you straight from the heart. It’s your life not mine and I would love to help you discover your healthy, happy life.