Lies Helsloot is the author of, “The Complete Guide to Healthy Hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair” – Dutch title “Het Complete Boek Over Haar. In 3 Stappen naar Gezond Haar” (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, april 2017). Based on her personal hair story in which she damaged her tresses with out-of-control stress at work and as a new mother, Lies offers a three-step plan to get the hair you desire, highlighting the importance of brushing. The plan includes balanced nutrition, stress reduction and hair-care tips.

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Lies shares her tips and advice on how to heal your hair on her blog

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Lies is currently working on a second book about her method to be in a state of Natural Weight Freedom. In her workshops and through feedback she received from readers of her first book she found out there was more than “just” hair. She saw women struggling with weight and health issues and wanted to share her way of living to help them. Follow her on social media to see what’s coming…




(English version coming soon…)


Walking to lose weight or get fit? That doesn’t work, does it? That’s what I’m going to do when I’m “old”… In this book Lies Helsloot, entrepreneur, influencer and health and walking coach, makes short work of all the preconceptions about walking. Lies proves that walking can be cool and above all that it has many benefits for your health. Because she, like many other women, leads a busy (and sedentary) life, she developed a method that fits perfectly into any lifestyle, supplemented with the secret of more ‘steps’. In this clear and scientifically based book she lists the many physical and mental benefits of walking and ‘cures’ you of what she calls ‘sitting disease’. No experience with walking or just starting out? No worries: Lies developed a method with achievable walking schedules for every level, tips to get more steps in your day, supplemented with muscle strengthening exercises and handy tips & tricks. Her method teaches you, among other things, to maintain your natural weight and to calm your mind. But those who think she will motivate you to put on your walking shoes at the weekend are wrong: her method is a lifestyle. You will soon get to understand that when you take a walk with her in this book.


Lies Helsloot is also the author of the book “The Complete Book on Hair. In 3 Steps to Healthy Hair.” and the popular blog and Facebook page with the same name Take You Time. Every day she guides numerous women to a new, successful lifestyle in which walking and mental health are one of the core principles.



“Lies Helsloot has understood the message that leading a successful life also means finding balance in all areas of life. Burning the candle on both sides eventually burns you out. There is now evidence it also appears to affect your overall health and your hair. Lies Helsloot shows you 3 powerful steps to get your healthy hair back.”

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach and Coauthor of The Success Principles™

“Your hair is sending you a message about your health and shows you what might be wrong (hormonal imbalance). This book is a real help to all women that suffer from hair loss or dull hair… because it goes beyond the usual outer treatments and does not resolve real issue…”

Haylie Pomroy, USA, nutritionist and best-selling author

“Everyday I work with women who are facing hair loss. This significantly impacts a woman’s privacy and self esteem. This beautiful guide is a wonderful resource with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of hair. It provides practical information to help achieve, maintain or restore hair health.”

Jeanna Doyle, USA, author of Wig ED