Motivational Keynote Speaker

“Sometimes you just have to close your eyes, hold your nose and jump into the unknown. Simply trust that the universe is there to guide you.”

Motivational keynote speaker and health coach Lies Helsloot is an inspiration for many at seminars as a keynote speaker, through (online) workshops and in her books. Her unusual life story is living proof that you can do whatever you please in life and that starting over is not the end of the world. She has been inspired by people such as Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Sally Gray ND, Darlene Whitehurst (founder of GoalFriends), Rhonda Byrne, Joy Mangano, Kelly Roach and Saskia Winkler.

As a motivational keynote speaker she interacts with her audience inspiring them to improve their lifestyle habits. The techniques she uses captivate people attending her seminars.
In her keynote speeches she talks very openly about:
– her life as a serial entrepreneur,
– being a single mom juggling career and family life
– how to overcome and rise above challenges and setbacks,
– stress management through her concept of TAKE YOU TIME,
– how to build a healthy lifestyle and fighting “sitting disease” both at home and at the office using her method founded on walking, taking more steps, eating healthy and tasty food, muscle training and the right mindset in both life, work and health. She has the ability to literally move even those who think they are too busy for a healthy lifestyle helping them to transform their bodies, mindset and lives in order to become the healthy person they are meant to be: full of energy to be more productive at work and to reach their wildest dreams. As the CEO of 2 businesses, she knows all the excuses you make up to avoid that lifestyle change.
– How your own mindset is your power but also the biggest obstacle to reach your goals

Lies has the gift of inspiring people to follow their dreams while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding burn-out.

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