Work with me privately on my method. There are several options of working with me as an individual client.


Analysis and blueprint creation of where you stand in the field of well-being and self-care. I take time to listen to you asking you the questions that will help me design your personalized private retreat and your journey. Together we will evaluate where you are now in terms of physical and mental well-being and what your expectations and desires are regarding your future health. You will go deep within yourself to find out why selfcare is always the last thing on your to do- list. Let’s say I will let you have a moment where you will breathe again and be fully into the moment to finally listen to your heart. You will feel like all the noise in your head is disappearing. From a state of relaxation and a clean slate you are now ready to build that new healthy lifestyle. We create a clean slate ready to receive all the goodness and health the Universe has in store for you.

Can be followed-up with a strategic plan and implementation phase where I help you to make self-care the foundation of your life.

It also will help you get more comfortable with me and find out if I am the one for you to work on a life-changing experience on a private retreat or a long-term program.


Long-term or once only workshops organized for groups. On one or more of the pillars of my method or a workshop that fits your program. Focus on the results of a sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of self-care. Topics can be the power of walking, self-care 360°, TAKE YOU TIME in your life, my books, my life as an author, my life story, …


Some need more long-term individual work after reading one of my books or following one of my programs or workshops. After a deep dive experience with me, I create your personal blueprint for your ideal, healthy life 360°, no less. Because you deserve a full life experience.

Depending on your personal situation I create a plan that works for you, not a so-called “typical” client. My 7-pillar system TAKE YOU TIME is the foundation and your compass in the future. All pillars are equally important but the balance of them is different for everyone.

I ONLY coach a handful of clients and ONLY the ones who meet these requirements:

  • You MUST be willing to do the work
  • You MUST be willing to make a substantial financial investment in yourself
  • You MUST be prepared to invest your time and energy in working with me


One on one coaching in a small group setting. Some prefer to work with me in a small group to create a sense of belonging and to have fun together installing my principles on self-care. This setting is very popular with C-level executives and managers that like to network creating warm, meaningful relationships while working on installing my method changing one or more aspects of their physical and mental health.


Inspirational half or full days on my concept of TAKE YOU TIME How to get out of that hamster wheel and improve physical & mental health and raise productivity levels without burning out. Perfect as a first introduction on working with me in a private setting or as a comeback session with me if you have previously worked with me.


Private retreats in Belgium and abroad on my method where I get to know you up to a level where I ‘feel’ you and know exactly what your needs are. Some time away from regular life is mandatory and that is where I get the best results with my clientèle. Here we press PAUSE. Here we get out of our comfort zone where the greatest breakthroughs are made on a personal and professional level.

Walk with me into a life where you finally come FIRST. This is what you will experience when working with me and it all starts with pressing PAUSE. Then and only then you are ready to dive deep with me in a life and health transforming journey. Together we will have so much fun! After the retreat you will feel ready to take off on your private health journey with me or on your own. You will be so energized and excited you’ll going to want to dive into that as soon as possible.

More information? Get in touch with me through the contact pages.