Transformation Mentor

™My name is Lies Helsloot, Transformation Mentor and Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, and I created the TAKE YOU TIME™-method, a system focusing on holistic wellbeing using Quantum Human Design™.

I help career driven women eliminate the self-imposed stress, press pause and RESET so their mental health, physical health and relationships can flourish.

What I found is that many high achieving women are successful on paper, but inside they’ve reached their breaking point feeling depressed, unfulfilled and too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

They are coping by numbing themselves with work, mindless activities, shallow relationships, and in some instances overindulging in food, alcohol and drugs/medication to fill the void. 

They know that there is more to life than work: they crave higher energy levels, feeling good in their skin and nurturing deep connections but are feeling discouraged because their plate is already full and the last thing they need is an extra “TO DO” on their list.

They think that in order to get results, they need to follow the “traditional” self-care advice and do MORE…more exercise, more pills, more dieting. Nothing is further from the truth!

In reality, they need to SIMPLIFY and work on their INNER GAME first for everything else to fall into place.

The truth is:

  1. You don’t need to do more, in fact, you need to do LESS
  2. You don’t have to sacrifice your work to be fulfilled in other areas of your life
  3. You can transform your body while still enjoying food and not spending crazy hours at the gym
  4. You can take your YOU TIME FIRST and still thrive in business
  5. You can HAVE the SAME RESULTS in your personal life as you can with work without sacrificing one for the other.

Do one of these things describe how you feel?

  1. You feel like you have no time to fit it all in: work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle seems impossible for you
  2. Over the years you see your body changing and nothing seems to work. You tried every crazy diet. You have no more confidence over how your body looks and feel. Flabby arms, thighs,… 
  3. You want to exercise more but every gym you join makes money out of your absence. 
  4. In the evening you NEED that glass (or bottle?) of wine and comfort food… after all you deserved it after a long day
  5. You rely on sleeping pills, Xanax (alprazolam), anti-anxiety medication to relax at night
  6. You have been taking anti-depressants for years… but nobody knows.
  7. You have the money in the bank but what about the rest of your life? Are you single, divorced or feeling alone in a relationship?
  8. You feel exhausted, burnt out and maybe even bored out with your own business or line of work. You drag yourself out of bed every day as high achievers don’t give up, don’t they?
  9. You are suffering from imposter syndrome: you are successful on paper, but feel unfulfilled on the inside.
  10. You feel like you are playing a role to keep fitting into the business world. This life doesn’t feel like YOU anymore
  11. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle you’ve heard it all but you’re frustrated because you cannot seem to overcome the mindset block that’s preventing you from taking ACTION
  12. You are screaming in silence that you desire a deep transformation

Wouldn't you like to feel like this instead?

  1. Feeling that you have done a total RESET and an internal shift to overcome mindset blocks and become UNSTOPPABLE
  2. Design your dream life on ALL facets – Have it all, not just the career but an overall rich life on all levels being YOU
  3. Be that woman with magnetising energy (woohoo, can I have her recipe, please?)
  4. True confidence to be the real you and accept yourself
  5. an UNCOMPLICATED health plan to lose weight, tone your body to be your best self
  6. a toned body without spending hours at the gym?
  7. Simplify your life to stop the overwhelm of 100 coaches and health tips?
  8. Good health to be able to also enjoy your wealth?

What my method can do for you

  1. help you to press PAUSE so you can do a full RESET
  2. When working with me I don’t sugarcoat things – straigth talk to work on your goals
  3. a mentor that knows you and listens to you and shows you the path that works for you
  4. a simple plan that works
  5. someone who shows you a way out of your self-imposed rat race
  6. showing you who is inside that role play… I use Quantum Human Design™ to guide my clients
  7. you will have an accountability partner to push you through your mind blocks & your excuses 

It's time to reveal the real YOU

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